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2013 Dues (PDF)
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2013 Local Union 126 OSHE Classes
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Project Management Workshop for the Organized Line Construction Industry
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With all the new OSHA Regulations that have been written recently there is a lot more
Responsibilities being placed on us as far as staying qualified to do our line of work while
running equipment INCLUDING LINE TRUCKS. The OSHA Fact Sheet we provided is brief points
for all members to read. Not only is there Federal Guidelines we need to follow but also need
to comply with PA State Laws. Pennsylvania has finally made their PA Crane License available.
If you are presently certified in NCCCO please call the OSHE office (610-489-3990) so we can
get your application to you so that we can start the process for your license right away. The
OSHE Office along with the NEAT Office has been working on setting up C.I.C. Crane Train-The-
Trainer so that we can continue to educate the rest of our membership for the future. If you are
interested in taking this Crane Certification we have started a list so please call! After you have
been certified we will help you get PA Certified. If everyone doesn’t play a part in this it could
cause us to lose work in the near future. There are other parts of these Regulations that will
require additional training to give signals to the operator. Continue to stay informed and check
on the 126 Website for future updates and training schedules and GET INVOLVED!!!!!!


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